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It may be the one thing, well besides love, that we all need. We have fairly regular periods during which we get it, and not having it can cause serious issues. I’m talking about food!
It’s funny how our eating habits change as we age. I remember when I was younger, I was a voracious eater. Many in my family would call me “the human trash can”. I probably deprived my sisters of some needed nutrients, simply because of my willingness to consume the stuff they didn’t like. This willingness also meant that I got to enjoy junk food in what were almost certainly to large quantities before dinner.
During those days of fairly little money, we rarely ate out. Most big dinners were convened at my grandma’s house, where pretty much everything else took place as well. There, we’d have fried chicken, rice or some equivalent starch, and maybe green beans. Then, we’d finish it with a delicious home-baked cake.
Whenever we did eat out though, we knew it was a special occasion. Yes, as I noted in an earlier entry, most Easter’s were spent at my grandma’s as well. But every now and then, we’d go to a little place in Charlotte called Po Folks. It was kind of like Shonies (I have no idea if I’m spelling that correctly), but I guess a little cheaper. Man, I used to love those popcorn shrimp, hushpuppies, and fries. I think they turned me into a character like Bubba in Forrest Gump.
One of the coolest things about this place was its wishing well. You could put a coin in and listen as it twirled its way down, down, down. We’d all stand in line for a good five minutes, continuously dropping stuff in. I believe they used this well to raise money for local charities, a pretty good idea. At least we couldn’t dig in and take coins out, like some of us bad children did at the mall fountains you used to see back then. I don’t know of many places that still have those.
Anyhow, my eating at this location established an enjoyment of the local stuff. Actually, I’m not entirely sure that was a local restaurant, but whatever. I still like when I travel to seek out the smaller places and go in for a meal. I think this is more important now than ever, as our cities turn into one big chain.
Besides my enjoyment of shrimp, anyone who knows me knows that my other intense favorite is spaghetti. I really can’t say how or when this obsession began, except that it is probable that I’m actually an Italian baby, switched at birth. Wait, do Italians even eat as much spaghetti as we do here in the States? I know a lot of the attributed food trends we give to other countries are not nearly as observed therein.
Speaking of, yes of course I love pizza too. However, my bachelor lifestyle means I eat way to much of it and would likely be ok if I didn’t eat another slice for a couple of months. I usually at least try and get a supreme or something containing vegetables too, so I can pretend to be remotely healthy. I know that what I really need is to learn to cook.
So what are some of your favorite foods? Do you eat out often? I keep trying to cut back on that actually, as it’s too expensive, but I just enjoy the possibility, rarely fulfilled, of social interaction that exists inside of a restaurant.
With the start of preseason football on Sunday, I think tomorrow’s topic will be sports. Touchdown! I intend to write a mix of topical and daily posts, that is whenever anything of significant interest happs on a given day.

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