Hello, fearless traveler! I assume if you’ve clicked this page, you wanna know who I am. Well, right now just a man living in Durham North Carolina, trying to figure out how to get by. But I hope soon I will be able to do all the traveling and exploring I can stand.

I’m 34 years of age, originally from Charlotte. I relocated here so that I could take my current job and at least regain independence. I enjoy singing, reading, sports, and writing. Oh, and lots of sun.

With this blog, I aim to take the reader on a journey to actual places, explore encounters with people from different backgrounds, and tell stories. I will also throw in the occasional review of a novel or nonfiction piece that I think you might like, especially where it relates to travel. Finally, I will talk about the different technologies, these days especially iOS and the many apps I use on my phone, that enhance my travel experience. So sit back and enjoy. Bon voyage.

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  1. hi john, i love the photos of the pine cone, the cable car, the chess peices & the feel of your
    voice in all the written pieces. i sense an unusual vision and sight inside your voice; a
    different kind of perception; like the spikes of the pine cone in the photo feeling its way in the
    world by tactile nerves and sensory data on skin. also the special warmth and generosity
    of your character shines through your words.

    your friend,


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