Completing Personal 38th Solar Revolution: Or, Happy Birthday To Me

It has already been so long since I last posted on this thing that I barely remembered how to log in. But that should surprise no one, as grad school has finally reached fever pitch and my research project, such as it is, has commenced. That’s right, I have approximately 13 weeks to complete a presentable Capstone in order to finish my Master of Arts degree at Queens, and at this point I only have a vague idea of what I’m even doing. My main objective, as it has been throughout my time in this program, is to continue learning more effective ways of leadership for nonprofits such as the Norrie Disease Association. But before we dive all the way into that, I must do and pass a comprehensive exam this week wherein at least one communications theory will be applied to a random article. Sounds like fun times, right?

And as this new year of my existence begins, I find myself confronting a number of other shifts in the sand that will be discussed later. Needless to say, the transitions I have undergone as the previous year closed and this one opens have been and will be unlike anything I’ve ever known. I’m excited yet nervous, knowing that these will require me to live up to a standard I have never yet achieved. But as I often tell myself, one should always be striving to grow and improve anyway. That’s what the “and one to grow on” pinch meant as a kid.

There are many things I miss about being a kid, but perhaps those “birthday licks” are not necessarily among them? Haha, but they were usually all in fun anyway. I find myself, as always at this time of year, reflecting on past birthdays, those remembered and relayed in stories.

I guess turning 1 wasn’t really a big deal to me. My mom said they threw me a big party, but I…went to sleep in the cake! I hope that was just my slice of cake, and not the whole thing. MMM.

Most of the rest of my birthdays as a kid were shared with my next oldest sister, as we, the oldest twins, and my two youngest sisters each share a month. Whether this pairing was done on purpose or not I can’t say, but it made for convenient party-throwing for the adults I assume. I never minded much, as long as I got plenty of food and cake.

I was trying to remember what my 18th day was like, the first spent away from home at UNC Charlotte, but given that I am older than dirt even that time has now grown distant. I would bet that since I was usually afraid to venture far beyond my dorm in that turbulent freshman year, that it was spent alone in my room with the portable TV and some chocolate chip cookies taken from the residence Dining Hall, (RDH) to chow on later. I kind of hope not though.

Over the next three years of those fun college times, I often had sorority girls take me to restaurants, and especially of course when I turned 21 and downed that first alcoholic beverage. We had a fairly limited selection in those days though, so mostly I chose Outback Steakhouse where I ate their Alice Springs Chicken. That place is kind of pricey for what you get, but it does bring back memories.

In more recent years I’ve just taken the day off work and celebrated it with co-workers, as I did in 2013, or heading over to an expensive restaurant in Durham as a loner, which I’d done in 2014. And of course the last two years were great trips with my now fiancee to Wrightsville Beach and Myrtle Beach respectively.

So what does one do for a 38th birthday? One not imbued with much significance, along with being stuck in the middle of the workweek. Probably not a whole lot, other than prepping for said exam and looking at critiques provided by the prof on my project rationale. I did have a nice weekend with the woman, which included my first ever Greek fest that I intended to write about before being laid out by a cold from which I’m still recovering. It was interesting, in a giant building on the N.C. State Fair Grounds. We weren’t all that hungry so didn’t partake of much of the food there, other than some Greek donuts. We were interested in why many of these festivals take place at the same time, deducing that there is some kind of religious significance given its ties to the Orthodox Church. Is it to do with harvest? I did a search, and could find very little information on that.

In any event, we shall see what this next trip around the sun will hold for me. One thing I’m sure will be present in greater quantities once I emerge from this academic mountain will be blog posts, so stay tuned.