Conference Prep Thoughts, and Writing Back Out

Hi. In reality, I have absolutely no time to be writing this entry. There are about ten minutes till I need to skitter down the street and hop onto the bus that will convey me off to my eight hours of enforced confinement wherein I will madly stuff sticks into a box while singing, tapping, and otherwise engaging in activities to keep myself awake. So, apologies for spelling and other errors, as I have no ability to edit till I return. The problem is, of course, that I rarely have time to write anymore at all, but I need badly to get back on this horse!

So, I thought I’d tell you a couple of quick anecdotes about my experience really digging in to try and get the Third Internationan Norrie Conference off of the ground. I’ve helped some with the other two, but this is by far the most I’ve ever had to do in organizing the program.

Well, actually the only thing I know I’ve done right thus far is to get the tour of the Perkins School for the Blind set up. That’ll happen at 1 PM on the 13th of August, the day we register. I’m looking forward to it, especially as I have pondered perhaps trying to work at Perkins someday. Lots of opportunities, but admittedly maybe too cold for me there. Hmmm, who knows.

I’m trying at the moment to see if they can help us by brailling programs for the conference, but have yet to really hear from anyone. One of the most stressful parts of anything is sometimes trying to figure out the proper contacts who will help to accomplish a given task.

I guess the most of it will be coordinating with others and just trying to make sure that we all are able to get things set as they should be. Unbelievably, we’ve just entered the final quarter of the final year leading up to conference time. We seemingly have them every three years, and it still doesn’t feel like the one in 2012 was all that long ago.

I also have a story that I feel demonstrates the vast difference between monied people and the working poor, the latter category being the one to which I belong. It happened as I registered for a hotel room at this illustrious event. $786! Ouch.

Once I was done paying that hefty fare, I was directed to consider joining some sort of travel program with which the Wyndham brand is affiliated.

“First, we’ll ask you a series of questions to determine eligibility,” the guy said.

“Are you happily married, or happily single?”

“The latter”.

“”Do you enjoy a combined income of $75000?”

I didn’t exactly say it, but I thought”I’d ENJOY such an income, but I definitely don’t have it at the moment. So, I got bumped down to the poor man’s travel program, which cost a dollar to enter and $16 per month. I ultimately didn’t choose this one either, because I couldn’t obtain the materials in an accessible format. You could opt out after 30 days if you didn’t like it, but without all of the required info, I felt I wouldn’t be able to make an adequate decision.

So, that’s a little of the fun I’ve been having as the summer months get ready to unfold. I’ll write more and better soon, but at the moment I’d better go! As it is, I might in fact miss the bus. Haha