Two Miles Per Hour: On Book Writing and Other Summer Pursuits

My title comes from and old Will Smith, (Fresh Prince?) song called Summer Time, and it referred to the desire to move at a snail’s pace in order to show off your newly cleaned car. I’m primarily using it in reference to the idea that I am writing a book! Well ok it’s only at 6 pages so far but! but! I am starting to see where it might be going. Here’s the premise, as it occurred to me while doing the day job, because that’s when I have ages to sit and think.

Two brothers, from a large family consisting mostly of girls, both have Norrie Disease and that, among other things, means that they are very close. One brother decides he wishes to head off to college in the hopes of changing his life, while the other remains at the sheltered workshop that has employed them for years. A sense of resentment emerges between them, resulting in a series of actions that permanently change both of their lives.

Yeah yeah, it of course has pieces of my own story. But it’s also a work of fiction, so the occurrences will be a lot more dramatic than anything I’ve ever experienced. I suppose that most “real” writers would not divulge their idea until they are a lot farther into the project, but no one ever said I was disciplined. Can I even make this works? That remains to be seen, but I hope to keep pumping out a page a day for close to a year. The launch date was July 4th.

Speaking of things that I hope will launch soon, we are coming down the stretch to what will be my big summer event, attendance of the fourth International Conference of the Norrie Disease Association. This is my second as president, which basically means I was supposed to have a basic idea of what has gone into planning, and am to give a speech once there. I can’t say that I’ve done a stellar job at the former, but I am trying to rectify this to some degree as we come down the stretch. And on the speech, one thing I learned from grad school is that it will be better for me to write the entire script than to try and use an outline. Then I only have to think about “how to say it” and not “what to say”. So we’ll see if I can cobble together something decent by August 10, or in reality a whole lot sooner. Like this weekend?

And to get back to my writing for a second, I often her it told that a good writer should also be a prolific reader. To that end, I am aiming for sixty books completed this year. I only made 29 by the halfway mark, sadly, but I have three in progress now and if I can wrap them all up by the 14th I may have a shot at 35 by the end of the month. More important than quantity though is to learn from the structure of people’s stories. I definitely think I’m getting that part down.

And that’s abut the meat of my excitement. Even the day job may be getting interesting soon, with possibilities of training for new and better positions, but I will write about that if it actually happens.

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