That New … Smell

Book? Car? House? School? You name it, for some reason we have a big thing with the scent that emanates from a product at its initial use. Brings back a bit of nostalgia, right?


My new shoes. Even they smell good initially haha

Like the newscasts, I’m kind of out of material because not much is happening, but I think it a good idea to try and come up with something anyway. So let’s be all about that new life!

Currently, the scent that is wafting over me is that of freshly cut grass. That would be pleasant, except it is accompanied by lawn-mowing equipment that sound just short of jet engines. I keep ducking, in fear of being clocked by the massive tires of a commercial airliner as it wooshes by. Why hasn’t technology made this stuff quieter yet?

The one thing all of this equipment, and the fall in temperatures, does portend is the arrival of yet another season: Autumn. Yeah we still have a month officially until it begins, but already I have disabled my air conditioning probably for the year, cold-natured person that I am. I do enjoy this period of temporary refreshment though, as it always gives me the sense that the possibilities are endless. Something like back to school for adults.

And speaking of school, I’m nowwrapping up class number 4 at Queens University, all about leadership. I’ve groused some about whether I felt I would truly gain anything from this course, but in reality it is probably the most relevant I’ve taken yet as it is giving me the tools both to try and strengthen my contributions to the NDA and to prepare for some other, eventual career change.

And that likely brings me to my final point of this post: aiming to create new opportunities in this year. Thus far, I would have to say I’m disappointed with my outcome, but as the text of my graduate course helpfully points out, I have a tendency to set high, probably unrealistic, goals. But how do I figure out what IS! realistic. That, I would say, is the great struggle of my time.

Other than that, not much. Just watching as another year of my life rolls to an end (my birthday is September 13, don’t forget!) and looking forward to yet one more journey. In the 365 days since the Norie Comference, I’ve stayed in seven different hotels! No overly exotic travel, but some great trips nonetheless. I’m pretty sure that’s a NEW record for this broke man as well, and one that might stand for a while.

So, what’s new with you? Any exciting career changes? I know some of you have taken great vacations. I’d like to hear about it.

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