Stepping Out

Remember how, some time ago, I indicated that I wanted to be more a part of the Durham community? I felt I should start finding places more local, rather than just defaulting to the easy choice of Chapel Hill.
Well, I’ve finally taken a step in that direction today. As I write this, I’m sitting in the business center at Duke Manor Apartments, the giant Durham neighborhood located near its namesake (booo!) university.
A few moments ago, it was pretty quiet in here. Located just off a rather large and echoy gym, I could actually hear people working out on some of the machinery therein. I suppose that’s the next thing I need to go and discover. I wonder if they have somewhere to swim?
Then, a bevvy of children swooped into this room and began crying, fighting, and causing other amusing havoc. I feel somewhat more relieved about this situation now, as I can hear their parents yelling at them. The way they’re bouncing around in here, perhaps it’s not surprising that some of this furniture is a bit the worse for wear. The chair in which I’m currently sitting, for example, is permanently stuck in a reclined position.
And now one of those kids, with breath that smells of cookies, just tapped me on my chest. I guess s/he was attempting to ask me something, but what I don’t know.
Ah, well I’m enjoying this diversion. It’s definitely a different kind of weekend, although I’d hoped some of the clientele would be a little more college student like. Maybe that’ll happen as the school year approaches. I’m just happy to finally know where this place is, as it’ll be a good social spot during the cold winter months, when sitting outside is a bad option indeed.
This is all part of my continued effort to make this town home for me, during the length of time I actually remain here. We shall see what other kinds of craziness I can get into, as things progress.
(EDIT:) I just realized what that kid wanted. I’m wearing my Braille shirt that states the title of my old blog, Hearing Change, Seeing Promise. S/he probably wanted to feel that.
Sample of Chaotic Business Center (Audio)

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