On #31WriteNow and Catch-Up

So, I clearly didn’t win or even come close to winning the #31WriteNow challenge. I suppose getting 20 posts down in the month of August, some of which I think were pretty good, was an achievement in and of itself.

I knew that going to DC would likely knock me off of my game, but it was more than that. I just couldn’t bring myself to post when I didn’t have anything particularly exciting to talk about.

I do think it was worth the attempt, though. I managed to find a few excellent bloggers whose work I now enjoy reading every day. If I am ever to improve, it will be by reading the thoughts and words of people who are skilled at crafting them and putting them onto real or virtual paper.

I have entered a tumultuous period in my life, where job opportunities became available but I couldn’t nail down certainty of direction quickly to secure them. I am also of course continuing to work on learning HTML in this online course, and feeling a bit overwhelmed and not quite up to speed with the rest of the class. I understand that this is in all likelihood just in my head though, and that the best thing I can do is to keep powering through my doubts and frustrations. Hopefully I’ll manage to get everything figured out in due time.

On the bright site, my birthday month has begun! It signifies the end of summer, sure, but celebration of one’s birthday is one of the few things that we get to bring with us from childhood. At the moment, it seems I might get to see my cousin for at least a little bit that weekend, on September 14 to be exact, and if that happens it would be nice. The actual day is Friday the 13th though, so I might stay locked inside in order to avoid whatever bad luck might befall me. Yeah right, like that ever happens. I’ve had a few Friday the 13th birthdays, and nothing particularly interesting has happened to me therein.

Speaking of nothing happening, I’ve spent the entire Labor Day weekend reading and listening to lots of sports. I finally have my ideal sports set-up, with the iPhone sitting across the room and playing games as I tweet and write on the PC. Much of the day was hot with a heavy smell of rain, with thunderstorms sweeping in as it wrapped up. Kind of made me glad I hadn’t been able to execute my plans to hang out with someone earlier. I would like to find something to do tomorrow, as it might well be my last day off for a long time.

And that’s all for this stream of consciousness post. Hopefully something fun will pop up in my life, preferably another trip to someplace. This’ll be only the second summer since 04 that I’ve not flown anywhere, largely as a reflection of rising airfares. Ah well, the Megabus was plenty fun. More later.

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