#LDOC! and On the NPR Clock

Well ok, my LDOC as such was actually yesterday. If one can call it that. My “summer” is a week long. Well I’ll take the little break while it lasts.

First semester of Grad School 2 in the books, and unless my interpretation of the results are incorrect I’ve managed two A’s. In any event, it is indisputable that I’ve gotten off to a better start. Things tend to work out more favorably once one finds something about which one can be passionate.

Speaking of that, I have dove in and applied for Internship at NPR’s Morning Edition. Are you kidding me? Anything there or at a local station would be a much welcome opportunity, as I’ve wanted to do this sort of thing for ages. The deadline for application is May 22, so I guess I won’t hear from them before that. We shall see, though.

With no grad school work due today and a fairly gloomy, if not straight cold! one out, I was quite productive with regards to my application. I had to get three references, which I managed as I guess most folks are kind of just taking a day inside. I also pounded out what I hope was a decent enough cover letter to at least portray what I would bring to the table.

I certainly am feeling more confident about my writing, as even more things are falling into place. I am up for publicity by my university for a piece I wrote about starting their graduate program. It is exciting, because a major publishing company sponsors this and pays, both good things for my resume and pocket. I signed a contract, and so am officially a freelance writer.

So much to ponder these days, that it’s a wonder I manage to get any sleep. I did today though, crawling out of bed and schlepping to the Waffle House for a delicious breakfast amidst the crowds. I just… needed that.

This brief interlude between semesters has me contemplating previous LDOC’s, or as we called them back in my ancient school days, last day of class. I always felt a rush of excitement, with those beautiful days sprawling in front of me.

One of the most traumatic such days I experienced, and I use that term loosely as it wasn’t a serious incident but did rattle me a bit, occurred during my fourth grade year. I had been given a deflated balloon at our class party. As I walked along toward the bus that would ferry me home and to months of freedom, I puffed on, and soon forgot I was still puffing on, that balloon. Till, “POP!” right… in my face! I still can’t take popping of balloons till this day. Do you have any such silly memory of something that happened to you on the last day of school? More soon.

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