iPhone Test Post Take 2: on Graduation and Summer Fun

Hello. I come to you live from my iPhone, as I vacation in Charlotte. Well not a vacation exactly, but more to see my younger cousin graduate from high school.

Wow, that’s always an impressive achievement. I remember doing that eighteen (18!) years ago. How old am I, y’all? The weird thing is I can’t recall which day I graduated, but it had to be either the 22nd or the 23rd of May. The following standing ovation was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

Ah, that and college will always be my best days. But reality dictates that I must learn to function within the constraints of adulthood. They are finally becoming more palatable, thanks in no small part to my partner, with whom I have enjoyed the last three months.

We have a few exciting things planned for this summer. Of course, there’s the conference in August, which I’ve talked about a few times. Ah, the stress of setting that up! I kinda feel like the most useless President ever, but so it goes.

Is it any wonder then that I need some nice quiet time by the sea? To that end, we’re going on a trip to Carolina Beach in mid July. I’ve not stood on those oddly shifting sands and listened to pounding surf in at least 13 years. I love the awe of feeling like a little speck in this large universe. I might be mistaken for dinner though by a shark, aaahhh!

So yeah, I have a lot to look forward to. If this Braille display functions as well as it is at the moment, maybe y’all might finally! start hearing from me more. No promises, though. More when I get home.

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