Goin’ To The (Floating” Chapel

This year, as we marked our second New Year together with wine she could hardly finish, I had the honor of asking for this beautiful woman’s hand in marriage. In my clunky way yes, but I managed to do it. And with that comes, as she puts it and I agree, a mix of excitement and some trepidation. Not because we don’t actually want to do it, but because we are aware of the awesome responsibility that comes with melding two distinct lives in such a way that we both benefit and enjoy each other. It will be an ongoing process, that’s for sure.

While we are aware that most of what needs to happen will be after that ceremony of course, we are also hoping to have a different experience for a wedding. At the moment at least, this would happen aboard a Carnival cruise ship before setting sail to the Bahamian ports of Nassau, Freeport, and some Cay that I’ve forgotten at the moment. The price is actually lower than that of most traditional weddings, and we have the added benefit of not having to do too much planning. I think it’s a really cool idea, and am surprised that more people don’t do it. We are hoping to do this close enough to my birthday to celebrate that at sea as well.

So having expected that the proposal would occur around New Year’s Day, I’d spent much of my holiday pondering it. Mixed in of course with lots of relaxation, especially as the weather was fantastic from Monday the 26th until Friday the 30th. During that period, I managed to complete two great books while living outside and absorbing the rays that I will need as we finally plunge into the gloomy heart of Winter. This marks the first year in four that I’d not taken an actual vacation somewhere, but truthfully I welcomed the stillness.

Other than the already documented momentous event, I spent Christmas and New Year’s Day with her folks. On the former, we ate at a Lumberton NC area Chinese restaurant. I think more Chinese restaurants tend to be open on Christmas anyhow; then there was a quick gift exchange at her family’s home. And to begin 2017, I had the requisite dinner of I think something like blackeyed peas but not those exactly, collards, fried chicken, potato salad, white rice with gravy, and dressing. I admit I may have eaten too much, but I enjoyed every morsel.

And that pretty much makes up my break. I am a bit bummed that it is ending and I must return to work, but have a whole lot to look forward to as we move deeper into this new year. I do have many hopes and dreams for how everything will turn out, but suppose the more interesting part is not knowing exactly how things will go in the end. I continue to hope that it all goes well for us, and wish you a happy new year!

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