Braille Test Post

This is mostly a test post to see if, could it be, I can now write on my iPhone with the Braille display? For so many reasons, this would make it a lot easier for me to write more regularly.

I’d been hoping for this before. The problem was that the Brailliant BI 40 from Humanware, even for all its greatness, had a tendency to lock up way too frequently. It seems that may have been fixed, yay!

Continuing my randomness now just to see how long I indeed can, I am beyond ecstatic that the holidays have begun. As is usual when they come, I need this break in the worst way. I don’t have a whole lot planned, other than chillin’ in the cut (whatever that means) till the 27th, when I’m to hit the road with my girlfriend for what will hopefully be a fun trip to Charleston, South Carolina. The biggest threat to it is the endless rain that, on the other hand, is keeping the temperatures abnormally elevated.

Speaking of elevation, what about my Carolina Panthers! 14-0! I really don’t know how many more times we can play with fire, as we did this past Sunday in letting the New York giants come back from 28 down to tie it, and not get burned, but well it’s just been that kind of year. I think that game will show us what we must avoid come playoff time though, so it was good that happened. You can’t let up!

So, there have been a couple of glitches in this experiment, but thankfully they do not involve locking up! So I may in fact be able to make this work, and blog for Dunkin’, aboard a GO Triangle bus, and even from the beach. We shall see. In any event, I wish you a merry Christmas, and a safe and happy entry into 2016. I will do some kind of end-of-year post next, though I’m not yet sure what form it’ll take. Do you also have any fun trips planned?

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