A Winter Weather Wonder Week

And what a week this hast been! In many respects, it reminds me of why I dislike Winter. Truly though, it enhances my good feeling toward humanity in general. I wouldn’t have survived without the intervention of many kind people. I thought it might be fun to take a look at how it unfolded. Stay warm and dry, and join me on the crazy ride.

THURSDAY, 1/21: Ah, I gotta admit to the sense of initial giddiness I get whenever a weather system rolls in that promises more sleep! I arrive home that night and quickly run through my checklist. A reasonable stock of groceries? Check. Fully charged external batter? Check. Phone loaded with books and podcasts? Check. Hot cocoa (because I wouldn’t be able to fill my coffee addiction for a few days)? Check. I’m ready to ride this thing out.

FRIDAY, 1/22: Work is reporting before I drop off to sleep on Thursday that they will open at 10 AM, but I know this is highly unlikely as that’s when the brunt of the storm is due to strike. Winter Storm Jonas, as they call it. When did they start nameing winter storms, and we’ve already had nine of them? Anyway, I roll over to confirm that the status has indeed changed to “Closed”, listen to the news about people attempting to slide around out there anyway, and greatfully submerge myself in dreamland till nearly 1 PM. What else is there to do but conk out, eat, and read anyway?

I finally force myself to be remotely productive, getting a bit of classwork done. Because of this, I allowed myself the reward of an Amazon Prime movie. I choose The Da Vinci Code, since I like Tom Hanks and figure the story will be easy enough to follow. In so doing, I make an interesting discovery. I somehow reveal a tab in the app with four options: Scene, In Scene, Character, and More (I Think). When I tap In Scene, I get a screen that tells me the gist of every scene, all of the actors who will be present therein, and interesting facts about its making. While not exactly description, it brings me to a point where I easily know what’s going on. It was also fascinating to learn how many errors were made while creating the movie.

THE WEEKEND: Not much happens during this time, obviously. I am starting to become bored of myself though, and after a day of pacing around on Saturday, I finally step outside to take in the glorious sunshine and nearly 50 degree temperatures of Sunday. And promptly get lost! Ugh, snow/ice still cover practically youngthing, including the sidewalk and grass. I have to stand and wait for one of my neighbors to deliver me back to my apartment. Escape attempt foiled, for now.

Then the one thing that could cheer me up on this day, the NFC Championship. By now, I suppose you know the Carolina Panthers took a weed wacker to the Arizona Cardinals, winning 49-15. They will face the Denver Broncos, who won a much more dramatic tilt against the New England Patriots, in the Super Bowl! Wordrobe malfunction, anyone? Still trying to figure out if I can do anything to enjoy that game, but too bad it’s on a worknight.

MONDAY, 1/25: Or maybe we’ll get another quick storm? I certainly stayed up to revel in our success, knowing that even if the job did open today there was no way I’d be trying to brave that mess just yet. It does delay till 9, but I opt to stay home and drive myself crazy for one more day.

It does demonstrate why I need to not have to work while I attend grad school, though. I manage to plow through a massive chapter on seven types of theoretical framework within communication, and to formulate my initial Discussion Board response. Because I must also record a YouTube video with synchronized PowerPoint slides (um, how do I do that?) complete a lengthy library tutorial, and decide which movie I will write about for a research project; this extra jump is a good thing indeed.

Tuesday, 1/26: On calling into work and hearing no status update, I know this means I must return as normal unless I wanna use one of my valuable offdays. I know that conditions are still not that great out, as our local school system remains closed, so I take the offer Sunday’s helpful neighbor had extended to me of a ride to work. I get there 10 minutes late, but saz to myself “better safe than sorry!”

As is so often the case when I return from such a break, LC Industries seems deafening. I turn my aids down to a whisper, hunker down, and try mainly to stay awake.

After work, I make my way to Chapel Hill. Thank God I have finally been able to get out, as I am running low both on hearing aid batteries and blood pressure meds. After picking up replacements, and encountering a “nice person, but must be taken in small doses” person in Starbucks, I summon the car sharing service Lyft for a ride home.

Wednesday, 1/bg: As it turns out, I would need Lyft to get into work today too. I finally attempt to negotiate the path to the bus stop, but am encumbered by a giant ice hill whose end I cannot find. A Good Samaritan then walks me to a stop, only it is on the wrong side from what I need. So I capitulate and call a ride. The neat thing about these apps too is that they can help find me. Not that I was lost, but if I had been it would’ve been nice to have the GPS component.

I opt to come home with another woman whom I’d met on the bus. We rarely get to chat anymore, so any opportunity to catch up is welcome.

And after Thursday’s attempt, which then caused me to get an Uber ride to downtown where I connected with the bus, the packs have finally receeded enough that I can again navigate. What a relief! I could do with no more of that for a while, but am certain we’ve got at least one more storm in the cards.

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