2015 In Review: Leadership ops, the start of a great relationship, and fantastic travel

Hmmm, where do I start in looking back at this year. Well, perhaps I’ll take a paragraph or two from an entry that means a lot to me in each month. Needless to say, I’ve never experienced anything quite like this year, and it leaves me looking forward to the next. Join me as I step into my time machine?

January: NDA President and 50Book50Author Launch

First, excitedly, I have been named President of the Norrie Disease Association. This was necessitated by our previous president having to step down due to some unfortunate circumstances that have made it difficult for him to continue in that role. While the reasons make me sad, I am still appreciative of having this opportunity and hope I can make the most of it. I got a strong vote of confidence from my fellow board members, though I honestly am not entirely certain why. Me? One who is sometimes too shy to make a simple phone call? Who definitely has a ways to go before he is as assertive as he would like to be? But, I hope I have made and am making progress in this area, and it will help to have such knowledgeable people to assist me as I do so. We’ll see if this August’s conference goes off fairly well…

I have it as a goal this year to reach fifty (5-0!) books. That’s a lot for me, as I normally don’t have a whole lot of time to sit and read. I’m doing them two at a time though, and already about a third of the way through both books three and four.

February: Winter Attacks!, and My New Girlfriend

NOTE: I only wrote the Winter entry in that month. The one on the start of my relationship was posted as March began, but we officially got together on February 28th.

And on blocks, Old Man Winter decided to show up and throw a bunch of ’em at us last week. Whatever that stuff was, snow? ice? I call it “snice” confined me to the inside of my beautiful, well insulation-missing, electrical heating can barely keep up, 500-sqft apartment from Monday when I got off of work at 1 PM till Friday when I was finally able to return to said work at 6:15 AM. And o man, that was some of the coldest cold I’ve ever known, as we hovered around 5 degrees F with sub-zero windchills. And slide slide slippedy slide! All the way to the building…

Anyway, we discovered that we had many things in common. Chief among these is our enjoyment of music, and particularly 90’s R&B. In one conversation, she clicked on different songs in her little collection and we reminisced on the things we were doing and experiencing when that song was popular.

March: A Look At My Work life

The only thing I really talked about this month was what I thought about my current work experience in the post entitled Job Days 3.

First, I ask myself if my morning routine has altered any. It’s amusing to ponder how small changes here and there slowly turn into something quite different from what was, isn’t it?

APRIL: The iPhone App that Should Be

Only one post this month too, sadly. The April 1, Express App!

If you choose “Summary” the app will still take pictures of the person’s face, but instead of vibrating regularly it will generate a report of overall mood: how often did they fluctuate, were there sudden changes, and the like. This might be a good idea if you don’t want the person to wonder why you keep vibrating.

I recommend reading that entry in full, if you want a quick laugh. I wish I had posted more in this month, and really throughout the year, but aside from developing my relationship I’m not sure much else happened in that first third of the year anyway.

MAY: Trying To Re-Stimulate

Hi. In reality, I have absolutely no time to be writing this entry. There are about ten minutes till I need to skitter down the street and hop onto the bus that will convey me off to my eight hours of enforced confinement wherein I will madly stuff sticks into a box while singing, tapping, and otherwise engaging in activities to keep myself awake. So, apologies for spelling and other errors, as I have no ability to edit till I return. The problem is, of course, that I rarely have time to write anymore at all, but I need badly to get back on this horse!

Again a month with virtually nothing. But, it does mark our first trip to Charlotte to visit family as a couple, and also attendance of a church service at my mom’s adopted church in Southern Pines on Mother’s Day. I met her family over a delicious cookout in a comfortable Fayetteville backyard as well. Good stuff.

JUNE: Celebrating The Transit Revolution

The only real entry I wrote this month was about my use of Uber, as I had just crossed the one-year mark.

Anyway, today’s post is to be about my experiences with the car sharing service Uber, with which I have navigated Durham for almost a year now. Actually, according to the stats they emailed me when celebrating having been in the Triangle for an entire year, I’ve used these folks 62 times. Sixty-four now, as in my first trip with them, I went today to have my hearing aids repaired. (My trip to Charlotte was brought to a screeching halt by the right side’s clogging yesterday, not fun&) I was therefore forced to take a day off of work and schedule a last-minute appointment. Maybe someday I’ll master the skill of acting more preventatively, but in my defense this time I didn’t notice that I was losing hearing till too late.

And because this post is long enough already, I’ll review the second half in a subsequent post. I should have a lot of consecutive posts in fact, which I suppose is a good thing. More soon.

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